9 Reasons Odinson Archery Crushes The Competition


Traditional archery has long been a field dominated by a select few. Around 4 years ago, Odinson Archery began it’s meteoric rise to prominence in the archery world. What started out as a weekend hobby began to grow into a business that has seen worldwide proliferation of our products to archery enthusiasts from all walks of life. Creating traditional bows from non-traditional materials is certainly not something new to the archery community yet it was our refinement of the process that had bowyers dumbfounded as to how we could produce such durable bows.

Our commitment to excellence is not the only reason Odinson Archery has moved from a hobby to an international business venture. There are numerous things that set our products apart of the traditionalist of the archery world:



Our motto has always been “a bow in every hand”. From day one, Odinson Archery has sought to make our bows an affordable investment for the archer on a budget. There is no reason to “break the bank” in order to enjoy the sport of archery. Many of our bow packs, such as our Brotherhood of the Bow pack, cost less than a standard traditional bow.

Arrow Speed 

Through years of testing, Odinson Archery bows have shocked onlookers at the speed they can generate. Many of our bows, such as The Assassin, are capable of generating speeds at over 170 fps at a 45# draw weight. This easily competes, and often times defeats, the competition.

Light Weight

When placing your hands on an Odinson Archery bow, one of the first things you will notice is that it will feel weightless in your hands. Our goal is to provide a bow easily carried to your tree stand, up a ladder, in your bugout bag or at the range for some target shooting without the unnecessary weight. This has also made bows such as our Tiger Takedown bow a favorite for survivalist and preppers.


Many traditional bows on the market extend to lengths of 60 inches and beyond. This can be cumbersome for archers making their way through the woods, trying to make that difficult shot or just general transporting of the bow itself. Most of our bows from Odinson Archery, with the exception of our War Bow , measure around 42 inches in length yet are still fully capable of achieving a 28 inch draw.

Varying Draw Length

One of the popular questions asked is the draw length on our bows. All of the bows from Odinson Archery are measured at 28 inches yet are fully capable of extending to 30 inches in length. Unlike many bows on the market, nothing needs to be adjusted if your draw length is too short. This is particularly useful for children new to archery as it allows them to the chance to “grow into” a bow they may have difficulty drawing now. There’s no need to load the kids up and head to archery shop to get them measured for a bow.


Our ambidextrous design allows the archer to shoot off either side of the bow. This means NO EXTRA COST or special customization needed if you are left handed. The archer can also utilize other styles of shooting that require placing the arrow on the opposite side of the bow. Want to experiment with some traditional thumb draw shooting methods? No problem! Our bows allow you to decide your own limitations!

Concentration and Focus

Our archery program works with many different kinds of students. Both old and young find that true relaxation comes at full draw. Parents have noted that children suffering from ADHD show significant improvement in their ability to concentrate due to archery training.

Get Outside

There is currently an epidemic of inactivity among families. Many times, this is due to families not having an activity that allows them something to share together. Through numerous inbox testimonials, families who have invested in our bows are cutting off the TV, putting down the Iphones and heading outside with their Family Pack bows to spend some quality time together.

Different Styles of Bows

While many traditional archery manufacturers specialize in a particular style of bow, Odinson Archery provides numerous styles of bows from all across the world. Finely tuned weapons such as our Japanese Yumi Hankyu  , our Assyrian bow or our Comanche bow allow the archer to experience different types of bows from various cultures across the globe. All are handcrafted right here in United States of America!

Much like our products, the path Odinson Archery has followed as been non-traditional in nature. Like all true trailblazers throughout history, we chose the difficult path but arrived at our destination stronger because of it. Odinson Archery proved it’s worth not by yielding to “industry standards” but by building our reputation for quality products and quality service.



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