Chokunu Repeating Crossbow


In our quest to bring our customers some of the most innovative archery gear on the market; Odinson Archery combed the history books to recreate a truly unique weapon. Let us present to you our version of the Chinese home defense weapon known as the “Chokunu” or Chinese Repeating Crossbow.

A staple of house to house warfare during The Boxer Rebellion, the Chokunu was favored for it’s ease of use and for the fast rate of fire it could achieve. Operated by a handle that is worked back and forth to both load and shoot; the Chokunu offers a high rate of fire and can be reloaded in seconds.

Our Odinson Archery Chokunu features a mostly wood design w/ our patented “Odinson Archery Specially Processed” PVC prod for increased durability and light weight design. Our Chokunu also features a 15 round, gravity fed magazine launching 3/8 inch bodkin bolts. While used primarily as a short range weapon, we have shot these bolts to distances beyond 60 yards in testing. Under 15 yards, it is a truly devastating and accurate weapon.

We are offering two options for you to get your Chokunu from Odinson Archery. One option offers you the ability to get a four piece kit that you will assemble at home. This will include instructions and can be put together with only 8 bolts/screws. Purchasing this was will keep the cost down for shipping. Option #2 will feature your Chokunu already assembled. No work done on your end!

NOW is your chance to own a piece of functional history! Get your Chokunu from Odinson Archery NOW!!!



$299 + $50 shipping
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$299 + $75 shipping
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