2 Piece Tiger Takedown Bow


At Odinson Archery, we are constantly seeking feedback from our customers. With it’s review in RECOIL’s OffGrid magazine, our original Tiger Takedown bow set the stage for an affordable survival bow for the camper, backpacker or prepper. In an attempt to make the bow even more efficient, Odinson Archery is introducing a new and improved Tiger Takedown model!

Our new and improved 2 Piece Tiger Takedown Bow now offers a more stable, user friendly design for the archery looking to minimize space in their pack. At an overall length of under 46 inches strung, the 2 piece Tiger Takedown bow offers a light weight design that is compact enough for a long hike through the woods or something to toss in a pack for a bug out.  Modeled after a traditional Plain’s Indian design, this bow is the perfect edition to your pack for hunting or self defense.

As before, The Tiger Takedown comes in our “tiger stripe” design with leather handle and accents to make for a quite shot. There are no pins or clips…..the bow just snaps together making it one of THE fastest takedown bows to get into the game on the market!



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