Odinson Archery Speed Nocks

One of the most difficult things to master in combative archery is loading your arrow quickly. The shooter finds themselves many times having to stare at the string and fumbling with the nock to get the arrow lined up correctly. For the combative archer, this can be the difference between getting a shot off or getting shot yourself.

Here at Odinson Archery, we sought to create the technology necessary to make a more effective combat archer. With our Odinson Archery Speed Nocks, difficulty getting your arrow on the string is a thing of the past! No more staring at the string trying to find which way your nock is facing! With the Odinson Archery Speed Nocks, you’ll be able to simply feel with your bare or gloved hand exactly where the string nock is located. The flared design of our Speed Nocks will also enable you to grip the nock so you can easily fire them in some of the popular “speed shooting” methods. Our speed nocks also lock into the string so you don’t have to worry about your arrow slipping off the string during the draw.

Our Speed Nocks are NOT sold separately. They are available attached to most of our arrows sold here at Odinson Archery. You can get them attached when you order your  bodkin, bamboo or carbon arrows.

Have you ever wanted to speed shoot your arrows? Are you interested in having the technology to be one of the fastest archers alive? Get your Odinson Archery Speed Nocks NOW!

3 Count Speed Nock w/ Bamboo Arrows – $30 + shipping

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3 Count Speed Nock w/ Bodkin Arrows – $45 + shipping

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3 Count Speed Nock w/ Carbon Arrows – $35 + shipping

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