“The Shogun” Yumi Daikyu


During the era of the Samurai, the signature bow was known as the yumi was used with deadly efficiency.  It’s asymmetrical design gave the shooter the ability to shoot arrows at blinding speeds with lower draw weights. This made the bow capable of being shot by people of different builds. The Japanese yumi has now become a staple of the traditional archery martial art in Japan known as Kyudo.

Here at Odinson Archery, we pride ourselves on selling both of the yumi style bows used in traditional martial arts and we are happy to now offer “The Shogun” Yumi Daikyu model. Unlike the shorter Yumi Hankyu known as “The Ronin”, this model runs about 5 ft in length and gives the shooter the ability to achieve the traditional long draw to the ear of the Japanese martial arts.

The Shogun comes in our “woodland” grain pattern with one of our custom made, locked flemish twist strings. The Shogun is the PERFECT model for those looking to engage in some traditional targets shooting and truly find what Zen is in the martial archery world.

35# and Under  $65  + shipping ($15)

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40# and Up  $75 + shipping ($15)

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