Bjarkan Double Bow


Here at Odinson Archery, we are always looking to push the envelope in creating some of the most unique yet functional bows on the market. It doesn’t get more unique than our Bjarkan Double Bow! This bow is modeled after the traditional archery version of a compound bow known as the Penobscot Bow that was named after the Penobscot Indians of the eastern woodlands. Usually mounted on a traditional flat bow, here at Odinson Archery we have pushed the envelope yet again by adding this Penobscot style to one of our world famous Assassin bows! Styles such as these have been featured in games like Skyrim but NEVER brought into the functional archery world!

Our Bjarkan bow has shown itself to be one of the most versatile designs we’ve ever made. For the first time ever, we have made a bow with ADJUSTABLE DRAW WEIGHTS! Standard draw weight is running around 35# but with a few twists of the two limb strings, you can increase you draw weight to MUCH higher draw weights near 20lbs higher. The double design also creates less hand shock when shooting higher draw weights so no more elbow pain on those long days of shooting.

This ONE BOW is equivalent to purchasing several bows at once!

We titled this bow the Bjarkan for it’s resemblance to the Bjarkan Rune in Norse Mythology.


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