Gordon Plastics “King” Recurve



George, Don & Dave Gordon entered into a business partnership in 1953s producing fiberglass panels for commercial buildings, and fiberglass diving boards in southern California. In the mid-1950s, a San Diego bowyer named Frank Eicholtz approached them about making a better facing and backing for his laminated bows. After discussions that piqued the Gordons’ interest, the brothers started making a fiber reinforced laminate for the facing and backing for recurve bows. Early products sandwiched a wood core between layers of fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

The Gordon brothers were lifelong hunting and fishing enthusiasts, which helped motivate them to design and build their first line of bows: “Gordon Royal Bows.” They named their laminated “Standard B0-Tuff”. The laminate worked well on recurves and their bow market took off. Their bows performed so well with their fiberglass limbs that bow makers started purchasing Gordon laminates for their lines.



Odinson Archery is offering a completely refinished and refurbished, RARE vintage Gordon Plastics “King” Recurve Bow. This bow is dated to 1958 and looks as if it just rolled off the builder’s bench. An elegant pearl fiberglass along the belly with a gorgeous hardwood and a burgundy fiberglass laminate make this bow a complete work of art . This bow also features green and red inlays that accentuate it’s unique features:

All of the limbs show ZERO signs of de-lamination or twist. The bow has been fixed with a brand new flemish twist string along with string silencers which is a MUST HAVE for these recurve style bows. It now whispers soft and sweet as it sends an arrow blazing into it’s intended target.

The King has been outfitted to be shot with off the shelf OR has been fitted with a vintage brush style arrow rest for shooting plastic vaned style arrows as well.

Now is your chance to own a piece of history that still has plenty of life left in her!

This bow is ready to send arrows into the bullseye at the range or put a deer in the freezer to feed your family over the winter. Most of the Gordon Plastics bows that are available on the market right now are falling apart or are broken. We are proud of offer this one of a kind piece of history to our customers.


Overall Length – 67 inches

Draw Weight – 45lbs at 28 inches

This bow is ready to be shipped to a good home immediately! The King will be shipped out with 2 business days via Priority Mail and will be insured. It comes ready to shoot! With proper care, this bow will outlive all of us especially since we have went through the process of restoring this bow back to it’s former glory.

Are you ready to own a piece of history?


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