Takedown Bow – 40lb


Looking for a bow that can travel in a backpack, your car or even discreetly in a suitcase?


When this bow arrived, we had a nice heavy duty aluminum riser in perfect condition but the limbs were shot. They had begun to de laminate, the fiberglass was terribly scratched up and there were some minor cracking on the siyahs. This is where our Odinson Archery techs stepped in to breathe life back into this wonderfully framed bow.

The limbs were completely rebuilt and refinished. Our techs used a fiberglass/hardwood laminate to make a powerful, durable set of limbs fitting to this heavy duty riser. The wood was refinished in mahogany with a black fiberglass belly and backing.


We didn’t stop at the limbs though. We also added some customization to the riser to make it even more efficient. A leather rest was set  up to shoot off the shelf if the archer wishes but we also added a spot to install a modern rest as well for shooting vaned arrows. Holes were also added for a stabilizer as well as a bow sight should you wish to go that route. A few other holes were added to the heavy duty riser to lighten the weight up on the overall bow as well.

A nock point has also been added to the string for shelf shooting.


The bow is drawing 40lbs at 28 inches with an overall length of 58 inches once strung.


This is THE ONLY ONE we have at the moment so this one will be first come, first serve.

All of our refurbished/used bows are GUARANTEED to be shipped out to arrive before Christmas!

$120 (plus shipping)

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