Fiberglass Assassin Trainer Bow


This Fiberglass Assassin Bow was meant to be a special order from a customer’s girlfriend BUT they ended up backing out of the deal at the last minute. It’s been sitting in the store as a demo bow for a few months now and we’ve decided to let this one go to a new home for the holidays.

The Fiberglass Assassin is in our usual all black design with the red/black flemish twist string. It features fiberglass limbs along with a wooden riser and hardwood siyahs. We’ve included string catchers on the siyahs to help with the noise and keep the string true when shooting. The riser features a leather wrapped grip for comfort and acts as a method of quietening the arrow when shot.


This bow is ambidextrous and can be shot anywhere from 30 inches and under. The bow is drawing 30lbs at 28 inches which makes it the perfect trainer or starter bow for ANY archer interesting in shooting this sort of bow. For me, this is the PERFECT weight for any archer wanting to get out and enjoy some quality reps.

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