The Pocket Gungnir


“I had forgotten that, while Thor hurls his Hammer from storm-clouds, Odin  prefers his strike to come out of a calm sky with Mighty Gungnir”.

As a collaboration design with our brother company, Odinson Bladeworks, we are offering this custom built EDC tool we are calling “The Pocket Gungnir”. For those who know, “gungnir” was the spear of Odin that was a symbol of his power. The spear is described as being so well balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

The Pocket Gungnir is composed of a .35 inch thick carbon shaft attached to a hardwood handle with one of our Odinson Archery “Armor Piercing Bodkin” tips on the end. This gives the wielder the power of our bodkin arrows in the palm of their hand! We have added finger grooves to the handle to enable a reversed “ice pick” grip as well as a point forward, palm reinforced grip for tip forward.

The overall length of the Pocket Gungnir comes in at 8.25 inches. Included with a kydex sheath that was designed for quick draw and multiple options for carry on your person, this tool is the perfect edition to covert EDC carry.


$65 plus shipping

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