“The Vali” Broadhead Quiver


Odinson Archery has been wanting to create an effective broadhead quiver for years now. We wanted a quiver that would not only provide solid support of the arrows but also one that brought about a traditional feel and ease of draw.

Enter The Vali Broadhead Quiver! Our quiver allows for you to comfortably carry your arrows and draw over the shoulder like a traditional back quiver. The Vali also features an opening that allows for you to also draw from the side. For people with less that flexible shoulders, those who need to draw an arrow in wooded/high brush areas or those who want a covert draw; the Vali Broadhead Quiver accommodates this method of drawing.

You can also take this quiver, loop it through the belt and carry as a side/hip quiver as well. Lots of options all in one quiver!


The Quiver features leather wrapping on each end to lessen rattle and provide durability. The side opening on the quiver also features a leather cover that allows the shooter to draw the arrow without any snagging on the lip of the quiver.

Still have questions? Check out the demo video here – Vali Broadhead Quiver Demo


$75 + shipping

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