Laminated Bows

Tartar Horse Bow (Fiberglass/Oak/Black Walnut)

For those looking for an even more traditional style bow, the Tartar Horse Bow is the way to go! Made of a super durable laminate Oak/Fiberglass design, this bow is light and shoots extremely fast. Measuring at 49 inches overall and capable of tremendous draw lengths exceeding 32 inches, this is the perfect bow for those interested in a solid horsebow to last for generations to come. The bow is ambidextrous and features protective black walnut siyahs for added protection.

TARTAR BOW 35LB$275 + shipping

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TARTAR BOW 45LB$275 + shipping

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Known for their amazing speeds and great distance shooting ability, Turkish Horse Bows are the best bang for the buck. This Turkish Horse Bow features an ultra strong, lightweight bamboo/fiberglass laminate for years of shooting. Coming in at a mere 43 inches in overall length, these bows offer a wonderful compact design perfect for shooting in tight brush where room is a luxury. These bows are also ambidextrous so you can enjoy traditional 3 finger or the classic thumb draw. Draw length on this bow is capable of 32 inches!

TURKISH HORSE BOW 35LB$265 + shipping

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TURKISH HORSE BOW 45LB$265 + shipping

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TURKISH HORSE BOW 50LB$265 + shipping

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