Bad Experiences With PVC Bows? Me Too!

“That’s a beautiful bow but I’ve had bad experiences with PVC Bows” – Rick B


I get this comment a lot from jaded people who were ripped off by some so called “PVC bowyer”. You end up getting a low quality PVC bow made with a $10 heat gun by a hobbyist, who bought their pipe from the yard at a local hardware store, that breaks on the first shot.

You’re not gonna believe what Rick B had to say about his Odinson Archery Assassin Bow at the end of this.

I get it, Rick.

You see, my first PVC bow was from one of these guys also. It was uneven, low powered and broke after a few shots. Since I was a kid growing up reading Green Arrow comics, I’ve wanted one of these lightweight compact horse bows. My parents were hard workers who provided for my siblings and I but buying a $500 horse bow, a $200 quiver and $150 worth of arrows was out of the question.

I thought to myself “FINALLY, I’ve found a solution!”

When that bow broke, my heart broke along side it.

From this heart break, Odinson Archery was born.

That’s why I’ve devoted my entire business to correcting those experiences for my customers by:

  • Learning about the chemical composition of PVC and what it takes to make a strong PVC bow
  • Buying the most purest possible PVC on the market
  • Specialized Heating & Treating that PVC to make it as durable as any wooden or composite bow on the market
  • Making sure our bows perform equally or above industry standards compared to big name brands through rigorous speed testing
  • Hand crafting every single bow to the customers specs
  • Making sure my customers had a guarantee on their bows and gear

Last but CERTAINLY not least, making it AFFORDABLE for the hard working individual or family. Families who were like mine and kids like me that just wanted to learn about the wonderful experience that is archery. It’s why I created things like The Family Pack so that families could enjoy archery together.

Talking to Rick B, I was able to convince him to give us a try and this is what he had to say:

OMG, THIS THING IS AMAZING! My other bow kinda felt like a toy but this thing feels like a weapon. Been shooting it every day since I got it. Guess I’m gonna have to get some bows for the kiddos now cause they keep wanting to shoot mine. LOL!” – Rick B

Thank you, Rick.

That right there is why I do what I do.

Online haters and those seeking to spread negativity come and go but these are the people that matter to me.

— Alan Odinson

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