Odinson Archery SlingBow

The Odinson Archery SlingBow offers an affordable option for those looking for something lightweight and compact for their packs or field use. The SlingBow is capable of shooting any size arrow with any style of fletching. You can use your own custom arrow purchased from Odinson Archery or you can use regular plastic vain arrows as well.

The Odinson SlingBow has a built in V style arrow rest that enables the user a sturdy place for their arrow to sit while offering an easy pass for the arrow when released. High performance bands are used to get a sufficient speed for an effective shot with the arrow on your target or game.

The Odinson SlingBow is an excellent choice for bowfishing, small game hunting or target shooting.

You can have all of the benefits of a small game, takedown bow without the excessive cost! This will fit perfectly in a day pack or bugout bag.

PRICE – $20 + shipping

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