Modern Combat Archer Pack

The Modern Combat Archer is the enigma of the battlefield. He is the ghost that moves silently throughout the terrain and striking with nothing more than a whisper of his bow. He has embraced the deadly art of the flying blade and is feared as a symbol of silent death to all who hear his whisper.

Odinson Archery presents to you the “Modern Combat Archer” Pack. In this combo pack, you will receive everything necessary to personify the idea behind the Modern Combat Archer. You’ll possess the deadly Assassin Bow, our WORLDWIDE BEST SELLER, along with 6 custom fletched Odinson Archery carbon arrows as well as the Odinson Archery Quiver System


  • One 45# Assassin Bow

  • 6 Carbon Arrows

  • One Odinson Archery Quiver System

Become that symbol of fear as the Modern Combat Archer. Get your Modern Combat Archer Pack TODAY!!!


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