The Family Pack


There is no better activity to bring a family together than to share the experience of archery. It provides better focus and fun for the entire family. For many parents, it becomes difficult to get the kids out of the house and engage in something other than electronics. Through our archery programs, we have seen families brought together and children falling in love with the slinging of arrows.

Our Family Pack gives you the chance to enjoy and share the experience while solidifying tight family bonds. This allows the WHOLE FAMILY to embrace the calling of the arrow and begin that path towards mastery……..together.

This Pack Includes:

*One Assassin Model Bow – 45# Draw Weight

*One Assassin Model Bow – 35# Draw Weight

*Two Assassin Model Bows – 25# Draw Weight

Get the ENTIRE FAMILY into the mix with our Family Pack!

Cost = $215 + shipping

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