The Manchu Bow



Always seeking to bring you the unique designs from across the globe, Odinson Archery presents to you our “Manchu Bow”. In Chinese culture, archery was considered to be one of the Six Noble Arts of the Zhou Dynasty. Confucius himself was a well known archery instructor and the Daoist philosopher, Lie Zi, was an avid archery practitioner. Much of the Chinese military power is owed to their deadly archers.

Our own specialty design, features some new and improved qualities that separate it from our other designs. Featuring a ALL one piece design with fully tapered siyahs for a slim profile with a lightening fast shot! These slim siyahs also enable an extremely smooth draw that prevents stack at the back of the draw. Featuring an all leather handle, leather strike plate and custom built string from Odinson Archery craftsmen.

If you’re looking for a powerful design that is capable of shooting arrows faster than any others of it’s size; the Manchu Bow from Odinson Archery is FOR YOU!


Draw Weight 45lbs and Under:

PRICE = $80 + shipping

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Draw Weight 50lbs and Up

PRICE = $90 + shipping

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