“The Ronin” – Yumi Hankyu



The Yumi is the Japanese term for a bow. As used in English, yumi refers more specifically to traditional Japanese asymmetrical bows. This includes the the longer daikyu and the shorter hankyu used to practice kyudo or Japanese archery. The Yumi was an important weapon to the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan. We see this bow used by the classic “Zen Archers” of today who are said to guide the arrow by spirit rather than sight.

At Odinson Archery, our goal has always been to provide this unique design to our brothers and sisters in arms. It is our pleasure to offer our version of the Yumi Hankyu otherwise known to us as “The Ronin”. Available in a variety of colors and draw weights, “The Ronin” is sure to connect those who wield it to the spirit of Bushido. With it’s unique asymmetrical design, the yumi offers an unique draw and an AMAZING storage of energy that it delivers magnificently into the arrow striking the target. While most of the yumi designs are known for their massive 6+ feet in length; the Ronin comes in at just under 4 feet in length when strung. This allows for a compact bow that can easily be used from horseback or in the brush.


45# Draw and Under – $75 plus shipping

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50# Draw and Up – $85 plus shipping

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