The War Bow

There are very few bow throughout history that have inspired more fear in the enemy than the dreaded English War Bow. Known for the ability to pierce plate armor and send arrows a frighteningly long distance; the English War Bow was considered a staple for Western supremacy. These heavy draw weight bows enabled the shooter to fire incredibly large arrows that rained death down on their enemies.

Odinson Archery is pleased to bring your our own version of this legendary weapon with our very own Odinson Archery “War Bow”. Our bow features a heavy duty PVC shell with a reinforced center that allows for this bow to support an incredible draw weight of 100# @ 28 inches!

Now is your chance to see why this weapon has earned it’s place in the stories of legend. This isn’t a bow for those not of weak build or wavering resolve. This bow was made for the POWERFUL! This bow was made for WARRIORS! This IS the War Bow! Get yours TODAY!!!!

70# Draw Weight

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$90 + Shipping ($10)

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