“The Woodsman” Bow


Odinson Archery presents to you our “Woodsman” bow. This bow is modeled after the bow used by many of the Native American hunters throughout history. It features a faux wooden design that will fool many of your friends when they see it. Designed to blend into it’s surroundings and offer a traditional look without the issues that come with a traditional wooden bow.

Features a leather handle, faux wood paint job and wrapped siyahs with a modified flemish twist string. This model can come with feathers as well but those are optional if you do not want feathers on your bow. We feel that the feathers offer a “native” look to the bow. If interested in different color feathers, please let us know and we’ll accommodate you.

Embrace the traditional look with a bow made from superior non-traditional Odinson Archery design!

45# and Under = $70 + shipping

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50# and Up = $80 + shipping

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