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You Shouldn’t Have To Break The Bank To Get Into Archery” – Alan Odinson



Odinson Archery offers the finest traditional bows made from non-traditional materials for the modern day archer. Our bows have been sold all over the globe and have been utilized in a variety of different terrains. Whether it’s the rugged terrain of Alaska or the dry hot environment of Arizona; Odinson Archery bows are there!

Odinson Archery bows are setting the standard in quality and performance. After many years of refining our particular process of creating some of the fastest and most durable bows on the market; Odinson Archery continues to take the archery world by storm with our unique non-traditional approach.

“Forged In Fire” judge Jason Knight checks out Odinson Archery bows


“I’m very pleased with the Assyrian bow. Never heard of using PVC for bows but it shoots just as good as my PSE Talon recurve. Excellent craftsmanship.” – Chris W

Received a set of four. We are all in love, really great bows, great deal of fun, great service!John M

I purchased the Comanche and the Assyrian bows and they are awesome! They are very powerful and very cool. Also, I have the Utlever hand release and they work great as well. Great customer service too. Two thumbs up. – John T

 My Assassin bow is fantastic. Smooth, easy to shoot, very lightweight and high quality craftsmanship. It’s very hard to beat bows from Odinson Archery. – Josh H

Just received my Subotai today the quality is superb and it shoots like a dream can’t wait to see what else Odinson Archery has in store well done – Christopher L


*Cost Effective – Buy two high performance bows  for the price of one wooden bow

*Waterproof – No need for any special care

*Ultra Light Weight – Most of our bows weigh less than a pound

*Variety of Styles – Get one or several of the MANY styles of bows we have to offer

*Ambidextrous – Our bows can be shot either hand and on either side of the bow