Belt Quiver System

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The Odinson Archery Belt Quiver System offers the best of both worlds. A belt quiver that allows you to use it like a back quiver. Very small, light weight design that clicks right on to your belt or pants. We have blended the old school with the new school to create a quiet quiver system that enables you to move quickly without the constant rattling of the arrows. The Odinson Archery Belt Quiver System also allows you to have the confidence of a full sized quiver in the bite size package at the archery range. No straps that have to be adjusted and no bulky back quiver.

Quiver has a capacity of 10 to 12 arrows.

This system is only set for field heads but we will be offering a broadhead/hunting model in the future.

Odinson Archery Belt Quiver System in ACTION

Cost = $30

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