Odinson Archery also offers a wide variety of hand crafted accessories for the modern archer. We have are much talked about Utlever Release System that saves your hands and gives you a more powerful release of the arrow. We also have our various quiver systems that revolutionize the way modern archers are carrying arrows. These quiver systems are light weight, silence your arrows so you move unnoticed and allow for a smooth draw from a variety of positions.

Odinson Archery is also offering our own special arrows to arm the modern archer with THE BEST arrows for the most accurate shot possible. We have a variety of carbon arrows as well as classical wooden arrows. Our arrows aren’t just for hunting though……check out our HAND FORGED arrow heads! These are modeled after old time, armor piercing arrows that have been used for centuries to cause maximum damage to living tissue. For the modern combative archer, these are VITAL to taking their archery prowess to the next level.