Molle System Back Quiver

If you’re looking for a quiver that is designed to take a beating and keep going, this is the quiver for you! Designed for outdoorsmen who find themselves in the elements frequently and need a quiver than can stand up to the tortures of the bush.

  • Made of Canvas, Very durable material, water resistant
  • Size: length approx. 21.7inch.
  • Three-points carry system. Lightweight and comfortable, it can hold about 30 arrows (other can hold 24 arrows only)
  • Easy to carry and take off, Accommodates arrows of any length Large front storage pocket with quality zipper. It can hold your arm guard, arrows puller and other archery accessories
  • Suitable for both Left and Right Hand.
  • Perfect for shooting, hunting, target practice and so on.

PRICE = $45 plus shipping

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