“The Vali” Broadhead Quiver


Odinson Archery has been wanting to create an effective broadhead quiver for years now. We wanted a quiver that would not only provide solid support of the arrows but also one that brought about a traditional feel and ease of draw.

Enter The Vali Broadhead Quiver! Our quiver allows for you to comfortably carry your arrows and draw over the shoulder like a traditional back quiver. The Vali also features an opening that allows for you to also draw from the side. For people with less that flexible shoulders, those who need to draw an arrow in wooded/high brush areas or those who want a covert draw; the Vali Broadhead Quiver accommodates this method of drawing.

You can also take this quiver, loop it through the belt and carry as a side/hip quiver as well. Lots of options all in one quiver!


The Quiver features leather wrapping on each end to lessen rattle and provide durability. The side opening on the quiver also features a leather cover that allows the shooter to draw the arrow without any snagging on the lip of the quiver.

Still have questions? Check out the demo video here – Vali Broadhead Quiver Demo


$70 + shipping

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The Pocket Gungnir


“I had forgotten that, while Thor hurls his Hammer from storm-clouds, Odin  prefers his strike to come out of a calm sky with Mighty Gungnir”.

As a collaboration design with our brother company, Odinson Bladeworks, we are offering this custom built EDC tool we are calling “The Pocket Gungnir”. For those who know, “gungnir” was the spear of Odin that was a symbol of his power. The spear is described as being so well balanced that it could strike any target, no matter the skill or strength of the wielder.

The Pocket Gungnir is composed of a .35 inch thick carbon shaft attached to a hardwood handle with one of our Odinson Archery “Armor Piercing Bodkin” tips on the end. This gives the wielder the power of our bodkin arrows in the palm of their hand! We have added finger grooves to the handle to enable a reversed “ice pick” grip as well as a point forward, palm reinforced grip for tip forward.

The overall length of the Pocket Gungnir comes in at 8.25 inches. Included with a kydex sheath that was designed for quick draw and multiple options for carry on your person, this tool is the perfect edition to covert EDC carry.


$65 plus shipping

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Fiberglass Assassin Trainer Bow


This Fiberglass Assassin Bow was meant to be a special order from a customer’s girlfriend BUT they ended up backing out of the deal at the last minute. It’s been sitting in the store as a demo bow for a few months now and we’ve decided to let this one go to a new home for the holidays.

The Fiberglass Assassin is in our usual all black design with the red/black flemish twist string. It features fiberglass limbs along with a wooden riser and hardwood siyahs. We’ve included string catchers on the siyahs to help with the noise and keep the string true when shooting. The riser features a leather wrapped grip for comfort and acts as a method of quietening the arrow when shot.


This bow is ambidextrous and can be shot anywhere from 30 inches and under. The bow is drawing 30lbs at 28 inches which makes it the perfect trainer or starter bow for ANY archer interesting in shooting this sort of bow. For me, this is the PERFECT weight for any archer wanting to get out and enjoy some quality reps.

Barnett Vortex Hunter Compound Bow


We received this Barnett Vortex Hunter compound bow into the shop as a trade in. The overall structure seemed pretty good but the bow needed the strings repaired. We took the strings and got a solid set of out traditional “red/black” string sets on the bow and added some string silencers to the bow. We also added a D Loop to the string for those who wish to use a release. However, this bow is also set up for shooting with fingers as well.

When this bow came in, it had a cheap rest that wasn’t good for either sighted or instinctive shooting. Since we specialize in shooting both ways, we selected THE best arrow rest for shooting in both manners. We added and tuned a QAD Ultra Drop Down Rest for this bow. This rest is tuned to drop down as the arrow is released. It allows for a smooth release and super accurate shooting. Usually the connections for these rests are cheap and come loose so we actually modified the connectors to lock this rest unto the string for a perfect tune.

The Barnett Vortex Hunter Specs:

  • Aluminum riser for strength and accuracy
  • Draw weight is adjustable between 45 and 60 pounds
  • Draw length is adjustable between 26 and 30 inches
  • 60 to 70% let off
  • High-definition camo finish provides concealment
  • 1-inch increments without a bow press
  • Meets ATA/AMO standards
  • Right Handed Only

This is a perfect bow for both adults and older youths looking to get into compound shooting. Whether it’s sighted shooting you prefer or instinctive, this bow is perfect for you.

This bow regularly goes for around $100 for the bow itself and the QAD Drop Down Rest typically runs about $50 for the rest along. We have repaired, tuned and added many different additions to put this bow back into NEAR PERFECT condition.

We’re gonna let this one go at a steal for our Black Friday Deal!

SALE PRICE – $120 plus shipping

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History of the English Longbow

History of the English Longbow

History of the English Longbow

The English Archery Law of the 13th century ensured that English men would be come experts with the bow and arrow. In 1252 the ‘Assize of Arms’ ensured that all Englishmen were ordered, by law, that every man between the age of 15 to 60 years old should equip themselves with a bow and arrows. The Plantagenet King Edward III took this further and decreed the Archery Law in 1363 which commanded the obligatory practice of archery on Sundays and holidays! The Archery Law “forbade, on pain of death, all sport that took up time better spent on war training especially archery practise”. King Henry I later proclaimed that an archer would be absolved of murder, if he killed a man during archery practise! The victories over the French at Crecy, Agincourt and Poitiers were directly due to the expertise of English archers and the longbow. Skill in the use of the longbow took considerable time. The English invested in the time required – the French did not. Up to this point the skills and weapons used by a Knight were deemed to be worth 10 ordinary soldiers – hence the French reaction to defeats by the common peasant.

The English longbow was the most important English military invention of the 1300s and it changed the political face of Europe forever.



The longbow was invented by the Celts in Wales around 1180 C.E. but was not really used by the English military until the 1300s. The longbow is an incredibly strong piece of wood roughly 6 feet tall and 5/8 inch wide. The wood would be preferably yew, which was hardened and cured for 4 years for best results. The curing helped protect it from the elements, which later proved to be a greater asset than thought before. The curing process was used on regular bows but perfected by the longbow. The longbow had a draw weight (the force needed to pull back to ear) of 200 pounds. The bow could shoot over 1 half mile with enough force to knock a knight off his horse.The  arrows shot commonly from the longbow were called bodkin arrows and were roughly 3 ft long with a tip designed for breaking through chain mail but with the force of the longbow behind it, it was capable of penetrating plate mail of all but the best quality. One story states that an arrow shot from a longbow pierced an oak door 4 inches thick.

The English longbow was the best weapon of its time. The crossbow was weaker and slower than the longbow, with only 2-3 shots a minute while an experienced longbowman could loose 20 shots per minute. In effect, the longbow was a medieval machine gun. The longbow was also stronger than a regular bow, due to its length, and the cured yew it was made of.

The Hundred Years War was where the longbow really showed its strength. In some of the war’s most decisive battles the longbow was the weapon that turned the tides. One memorable example: The Battle of Crecy.

The Battle of Crecy was one of the largest battles of the Hundred Years War. With 35000-40000 French against 12000 English the English were hopelessly outnumbered. But the English had one trick up their sleeves, 6000 longbow men. The French, laughing at the English, charged. While this would have been a good tactic under normal standards, in this case it was not. The English infantry created a protective blockade around the longbowmen to stop any French who survived from getting through. Not many did. As the French charged, the English unleashed volley after volley of arrows, that’s 15 or so a minute or one every 4 seconds. The rain of arrows cut through the crossbowmen killing over 12000 of them. The arrows also killed ranks of infantry that would have completely destroyed the English’s 6000 infantry but whose chain mail did nothing against the 200 pound force behind the arrows.

The only thing the English had to worry about was the knights, the tanks of the Middle Ages, but the force behind the arrows cut them down as well. One arrow was enough to knock a knight off of his horse, and if he didn’t die right then, he would when the next volley hit, in about 3 seconds. In the end, the English prevailed, only suffering 1000 men while the French suffered 30000 killed and wounded men, the wounded were dispatched methodically. 11 princes of royal blood were also killed, much to the king of England ’s dismay, who would have liked to have held them for ransom. Success for the English followed quickly after this victory against impossible odds.

In Agincourt another battle was won against impossible odds, and the social structure of the middle ages was changed forever. A peasant armed with a longbow was able to kill a knight wearing full plate armor. One arrow shot by a peasant could kill the most powerful knight on the battle field.

Around the same time guns and cannons were invented, but the longbow was still the leading weapon on the battlefield. Guns, with an even slower rate of fire and a tendency to explode on the user allowed the longbow to continue its reign of dominance as the number 1 weapon. Cannons were even slower to reload, at best only being fired 2 or 3 times in one battle. And while the cannon certainly left a bigger hole in whomever it hit, the longbow could kill many more French.

The longbow contributed to the way our world works today because with the war in-between the French and the English each rushed to discover new technologies and pulled Europe out of the Middle Ages. With the English longbow the English were able to defeat the French and create their own country. Peasants were able to assert their power against the noble knights. This is why I think the English longbow was the most important English military invention of the 1300s and it changed the political face of Europe forever.



Some interesting facts :


  • The Welsh were the first people in Britain to have and use longbows
  • Every Medieval Longbow was made to measure
  • The length of the longbow therefore ranged considerably in size from 6 – 7 feet in length
  • The majority of Longbows were made from yew but ash, hazel and elm were also used
  • The bow stave was shaped into a D-section from a half cross section of a tree or branch
  • The wood of the longbow was protected with a rub of “wax, resin, and fine tallow”
  • A skilled longbowman could release between 10 – 12 arrows per minute
  • The longbow could also pierce the armor of a knight at ranges of more than 250 yards
  • The string of the longbow was made from hemp as it was the strongest and least elastic fibre available. The string was then soaked in glue as some protection against moisture
  • The weapon was particularly effective against opponents wearing plate armour
  • Type or group of weapons – Ranged Weapon which caused a projectile to leave the soldier and  strike a target
  • Long Bodkin were point arrows were used for piercing mail
  • Arrows called Short bodkins were used for piercing armour plate
  • Arrows called swallowtails were used to bring down horses

Takedown Bow – 40lb


Looking for a bow that can travel in a backpack, your car or even discreetly in a suitcase?


When this bow arrived, we had a nice heavy duty aluminum riser in perfect condition but the limbs were shot. They had begun to de laminate, the fiberglass was terribly scratched up and there were some minor cracking on the siyahs. This is where our Odinson Archery techs stepped in to breathe life back into this wonderfully framed bow.

The limbs were completely rebuilt and refinished. Our techs used a fiberglass/hardwood laminate to make a powerful, durable set of limbs fitting to this heavy duty riser. The wood was refinished in mahogany with a black fiberglass belly and backing.


We didn’t stop at the limbs though. We also added some customization to the riser to make it even more efficient. A leather rest was set  up to shoot off the shelf if the archer wishes but we also added a spot to install a modern rest as well for shooting vaned arrows. Holes were also added for a stabilizer as well as a bow sight should you wish to go that route. A few other holes were added to the heavy duty riser to lighten the weight up on the overall bow as well.

A nock point has also been added to the string for shelf shooting.


The bow is drawing 40lbs at 28 inches with an overall length of 58 inches once strung.


This is THE ONLY ONE we have at the moment so this one will be first come, first serve.

All of our refurbished/used bows are GUARANTEED to be shipped out to arrive before Christmas!

$120 (plus shipping)

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Gordon Plastics “King” Recurve



George, Don & Dave Gordon entered into a business partnership in 1953s producing fiberglass panels for commercial buildings, and fiberglass diving boards in southern California. In the mid-1950s, a San Diego bowyer named Frank Eicholtz approached them about making a better facing and backing for his laminated bows. After discussions that piqued the Gordons’ interest, the brothers started making a fiber reinforced laminate for the facing and backing for recurve bows. Early products sandwiched a wood core between layers of fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

The Gordon brothers were lifelong hunting and fishing enthusiasts, which helped motivate them to design and build their first line of bows: “Gordon Royal Bows.” They named their laminated “Standard B0-Tuff”. The laminate worked well on recurves and their bow market took off. Their bows performed so well with their fiberglass limbs that bow makers started purchasing Gordon laminates for their lines.



Odinson Archery is offering a completely refinished and refurbished, RARE vintage Gordon Plastics “King” Recurve Bow. This bow is dated to 1958 and looks as if it just rolled off the builder’s bench. An elegant pearl fiberglass along the belly with a gorgeous hardwood and a burgundy fiberglass laminate make this bow a complete work of art . This bow also features green and red inlays that accentuate it’s unique features:

All of the limbs show ZERO signs of de-lamination or twist. The bow has been fixed with a brand new flemish twist string along with string silencers which is a MUST HAVE for these recurve style bows. It now whispers soft and sweet as it sends an arrow blazing into it’s intended target.

The King has been outfitted to be shot with off the shelf OR has been fitted with a vintage brush style arrow rest for shooting plastic vaned style arrows as well.

Now is your chance to own a piece of history that still has plenty of life left in her!

This bow is ready to send arrows into the bullseye at the range or put a deer in the freezer to feed your family over the winter. Most of the Gordon Plastics bows that are available on the market right now are falling apart or are broken. We are proud of offer this one of a kind piece of history to our customers.


Overall Length – 67 inches

Draw Weight – 45lbs at 28 inches

This bow is ready to be shipped to a good home immediately! The King will be shipped out with 2 business days via Priority Mail and will be insured. It comes ready to shoot! With proper care, this bow will outlive all of us especially since we have went through the process of restoring this bow back to it’s former glory.

Are you ready to own a piece of history?


“A Quiver Full of Hope” Campaign

Help Odinson Archery Bring a Soldier’s Canine Battle Buddy Home!

“Dogs are our link to paradise. They don’t know evil or jealousy or  discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious afternoon is  to be back in Eden, where doing nothing was not boring–it is peace.” – Milan Kundera

In an age where few noble causes exist, there are still beacons of hope that shine through the darkness. Their causes inspire us. Their actions give us hope. In a tumultuous world, they give us peace. When we find such a cause, it is important to help cultivate it so that it’s seeds of hope continue to spread.

This is why Odinson Archery is teaming up with The Puppy Rescue Mission for our “A Quiver Full of Hope” campaign to be that change we wish to see in this world. During their time in the Middle East, many soldiers develop connections and find comfort with many of the puppies they rescue from the unforgiving environment.

While these soldiers are saving them from the darkness, these dogs are also showing the soldiers a ray of light in the shadow that is war. These canine companions become staples of these combat outposts. These dogs offer companionship, comfort and even protection as seen in the heroic story of Sasha, Target and Rufus .

Everyone knows what comfort a loyal, loving dog can give you after a long hard day at the office. Now put yourself in the boots of a soldier in Afghanistan?

When it is time for those soldiers to return home, many of their canine battle buddies are left behind. WE CAN CHANGE THAT!

The Puppy Rescue Mission is dedicated to providing the funds and resources to reconnect these soldiers with their canine companions to bring BOTH of them home. While they have helped so many, there are still so many more that need our help.

To help promote and raise money for this noble cause, Odinson Archery has agreed to do a giveaway in conjunction with The Puppy Rescue Mission. We will be giving away an Odinson Archery “Trainer Pack” to the winner of this sweepstakes drawing in a way unique to Odinson Archery.

Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards a donation to The Puppy Rescue Mission to help them on their mission of reconnecting our soldiers with their canine companions here at home.

This campaign will run now through Veteran’s Day on November 11th 2019.

Click the “DONATE” button below to get your entries in to help The Puppy Rescue Mission and get your hands on an Odinson Archery Trainer Pack. For just $1 per entry you can make a difference in the lives of a soldier and their loyal companion. You have the option to help out with $10 for 10 entries, $30 for 30 entries, $50 for 50 entries or to enter a custom amount. Each one dollar donation is one entry into the giveaway.

With your help, we can make a difference.

“What is the use of living, if it be not to strive for noble causes and  to make this muddled world a better place for those who will live in it  after we are gone?”  ―  Winston Churchill

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Replacement String

“One Is None, Two Is One”

While our custom handmade bow strings are built to last, there’s nothing more comforting that knowing you have an extra should the worst happen while in the field. Our custom strings are custom made in house and feature a multi-strand Flemish twist design.

Our strings are currently available in black, red and red/black. Upon ordering, please contact us to specify string length that you are wanting. When we make strings, we measure loop to loop. If you do not have a string to measure, please just give the overall length of the bow you are wanting the string for.

PRICE – $15 plus shipping

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“Bjorn” Fiberglass Bow


Always looking to push the envelope in development and design, Odinson Archery sought out a means to provide an even more durable design that could accommodate longer draw length and draw weight. Our “Bjorn” fiberglass bow is created using a traditional composite style used by different Asiatic cultures to provide a more durable and powerful design.

This composite designed bow features wooden siyahs, a wooden riser along with fiberglass limbs. The riser features a leather wrapped grip and the limbs are wrapped as well. The string is handmade using a 16 strand Flemish twist to provide high performance speeds and is made from B50 Dacron.

The benefits to our new Fiberglass designs:

  • More Durable Design
  • Better Performance in Extreme Climates
  • Accommodate Longer Draw Lengths (30 inchs and beyond)
  • Full Sized “Long Bow” Design
  • Heavier Bows at Longer Lengths
  • Perfect for both beginning archers and hunters

Currently this model is only available in 45lbs at 28 inches and can reach 52lbs at 30 inches. Custom colors are available upon request or the bow will come with the color scheme represented in the picture.

These bows were HOT SELLERS at Blade Show 2019 this year! Some of the top craftsmen in the world couldn’t wait to get their order in on their Odinson Fiberglass bow. Now is your chance to find out why Odinson Archery has been taking the archery world by storm!

Whether you’re hunting for bullseyes at the range, stalking the forests to put a stag in the freezer for the winter or raining down arrows on your enemies from afar; this bow is FOR YOU!

GET THIS BOW  FOR $175 + shipping