Replacement String

“One Is None, Two Is One”

While our custom handmade bow strings are built to last, there’s nothing more comforting that knowing you have an extra should the worst happen while in the field. Our custom strings are custom made in house and feature a multi-strand Flemish twist design.

Our strings are currently available in black, red and red/black. Upon ordering, please contact us to specify string length that you are wanting. When we make strings, we measure loop to loop. If you do not have a string to measure, please just give the overall length of the bow you are wanting the string for.

PRICE – $10 plus shipping

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“Bjorn” Fiberglass Bow


Always looking to push the envelope in development and design, Odinson Archery sought out a means to provide an even more durable design that could accommodate longer draw length and draw weight. Our “Bjorn” fiberglass bow is created using a traditional composite style used by different Asiatic cultures to provide a more durable and powerful design.

This composite designed bow features wooden siyahs, a wooden riser along with fiberglass limbs. The riser features a leather wrapped grip and the limbs are wrapped as well. The string is handmade using a 16 strand Flemish twist to provide high performance speeds and is made from B50 Dacron.

The benefits to our new Fiberglass designs:

  • More Durable Design
  • Better Performance in Extreme Climates
  • Accommodate Longer Draw Lengths (30 inchs and beyond)
  • Full Sized “Long Bow” Design
  • Heavier Bows at Longer Lengths
  • Perfect for both beginning archers and hunters

Currently this model is only available in 45lbs at 28 inches and can reach 52lbs at 30 inches. Custom colors are available upon request or the bow will come with the color scheme represented in the picture.

These bows were HOT SELLERS at Blade Show 2019 this year! Some of the top craftsmen in the world couldn’t wait to get their order in on their Odinson Fiberglass bow. Now is your chance to find out why Odinson Archery has been taking the archery world by storm!

Whether you’re hunting for bullseyes at the range, stalking the forests to put a stag in the freezer for the winter or raining down arrows on your enemies from afar; this bow is FOR YOU!

GET THIS BOW  FOR $175 + shipping

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— Our bows are constructed via a specialized process of heating and treating PVC. This process enables our bows to shoot faster and last longer than most of the other bows similar to our designs. This process sets Odinson Archery bows apart from most of the market.


— Absolutely! All of our bows are fined tuned through a chronograph to get the speeds up to industry standards. We’ve tested them against recurve bows such as Damon Howatt, PSE Bows  and hickory bows. Our speeds are running the same if not FASTER than those models. Please check out Youtube Channel to see from of these chronograph test videos.


— This will depend on how well the bow is taken care. If the bow is left unstrug and stored on something like a bow/gun rack(not propped up in the corner of the room), your bow can last just as long as any other bow out there on the market. Due to our process, Odinson Archery customers who have bought their bows since our inception are still being used today by those very same customers.


— Unlike other bows on the market that are constructed from PVC, our bows feature a handmade flemish twist high performance string. This string is made from B50 Dacron and is typically composed of 14 strands hand woven together.We do NOT use 550 paracord for the string.


— Yes! However, we request that our international customers please contact us for an invoice to include international shipping rates. Typically, this runs an extra $10 to $15 for international orders.


— Typically I recommend 30# to 35# draw weight for women and 35# to 40# draw weight for men. If you have shot compound bows before, DO NOT assume that what you draw the same weight. There is no “let off” on our bows. Something like a 70# draw weight bow will weight 70# at full draw. If you’ve never shot a recurve style bow before and have shot compound bows, I would recommend something in the 45# to 55# draw weight.


— It’s simple. Just contact us via and we’ll prepare an invoice with the items that you want.


— You can reach us at

Bjarkan Double Bow


Here at Odinson Archery, we are always looking to push the envelope in creating some of the most unique yet functional bows on the market. It doesn’t get more unique than our Bjarkan Double Bow! This bow is modeled after the traditional archery version of a compound bow known as the Penobscot Bow that was named after the Penobscot Indians of the eastern woodlands. Usually mounted on a traditional flat bow, here at Odinson Archery we have pushed the envelope yet again by adding this Penobscot style to one of our world famous Assassin bows! Styles such as these have been featured in games like Skyrim but NEVER brought into the functional archery world!

Our Bjarkan bow has shown itself to be one of the most versatile designs we’ve ever made. For the first time ever, we have made a bow with ADJUSTABLE DRAW WEIGHTS! Standard draw weight is running around 35# but with a few twists of the two limb strings, you can increase you draw weight to MUCH higher draw weights near 20lbs higher. The double design also creates less hand shock when shooting higher draw weights so no more elbow pain on those long days of shooting.

This ONE BOW is equivalent to purchasing several bows at once!

We titled this bow the Bjarkan for it’s resemblance to the Bjarkan Rune in Norse Mythology.

$85 + shipping ($15)

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2 Piece Tiger Takedown Bow


At Odinson Archery, we are constantly seeking feedback from our customers. With it’s review in RECOIL’s OffGrid magazine, our original Tiger Takedown bow set the stage for an affordable survival bow for the camper, backpacker or prepper. In an attempt to make the bow even more efficient, Odinson Archery is introducing a new and improved Tiger Takedown model!

Our new and improved 2 Piece Tiger Takedown Bow now offers a more stable, user friendly design for the archery looking to minimize space in their pack. At an overall length of under 46 inches strung, the 2 piece Tiger Takedown bow offers a light weight design that is compact enough for a long hike through the woods or something to toss in a pack for a bug out.  Modeled after a traditional Plain’s Indian design, this bow is the perfect edition to your pack for hunting or self defense.

As before, The Tiger Takedown comes in our “tiger stripe” design with leather handle and accents to make for a quite shot. There are no pins or clips…..the bow just snaps together making it one of THE fastest takedown bows to get into the game on the market!



5 Reasons Why Kids Need To Practice Archery


At Odinson Archery, there has always been a large focus on introducing children to the world of archery. With each year spawning a latest “electronic gadget” or game system; children are spending less time outside and more time in front of a TV screen. While overlooked by many, Odinson Archery saw this as an epidemic on the rise. Through our work with children’s archery, parents have reported back many benefits that archery has brought to their children. We’ve taken this list and broke it down to five reasons




Today, about one in three American kids and teens are overweight or obese. The prevalence of obesity in children more than tripled from 1971 to 2011.. With good reason, childhood obesity is now the No. 1 health concern among parents in the United States, topping drug abuse and smoking.

Much like adults, children need an incentive to go outside and play. There has to be some sort of benefit that will outweigh slaying the Dragon King on Level 55 of their favorite game. More often than not, we’ve seen “gamer kids” shed their headsets for a back quiver after firing that first arrow. We’ve seen overweight kids walking lap after lap to pull their arrow from the target after hitting their mark. The isometric exercise of drawing the bow will not only increase muscle strength but also aid in development of that all important tendon strength.


Many parents have brought children to our classes due to issues with concentration and focus. Children have come to us with a variety of issues such as learning disabilities and ADHD. After a few classes, the parent is amazed and starts asking for the “magic formula” we are using. No magic……just archery.

There are many complexities that must take place to ensure a properly made shot with the bow. Most of these children have difficulty focusing on one particular thing but in archery; there are MANY things to focus on at the same time. However, the real trick is that those “many things” the child is focusing on are actually just steps to get to that “one thing” which is hitting the target. The result is that the child is conditioned to understand the importance of taking all of that clutter and focusing it into one final goal. In our case it is hitting the target but according to our parents, this also connects to better focus in school work as well.


One of the aspects we always sought to bring to our archery programs was the introduction to archery history. Some of the highlights that our students have always enjoyed was all of the different bows offered here at Odinson Archery. Whether it was the Japanese styled yumi hankyu known as “The Ronin” or the deadly Mongolian styled “Subotai” or “Assassin” bow; many kids never truly understand just how important these bows were to the history of the world.

For others, our bows offer a connection to their ancestry. The Comanche Bow allows those of Native American descent to reconnect with their past and embrace that warrior culture that is becoming lost to modern society. Those who honor their European heritage find themselves draw to some our “Woodsman” design that speaks to a time when this style was used to defend against invaders. Our experience is that introducing kids to these cultures develops a further interest in understanding where they came from.


With both parents working in many households, finding time for the family to spend together is always difficult. What’s more difficult than that? Finding good QUALITY TIME to spend together! Sure, we can all sit together and watch TV but is that truly quality time? If only there was something you could all share together? This is one of the main reasons for the creation of our Family Pack


Through our children’s programs, we’ve also found that the parents also find themselves getting drawn into the mix. This is something that most can go outside and do in their backyard together. Cooking on the grill, listening to some music as you engage in some “friendly” competition to see who can hit that bullseye first. Some of the games we found parents and kids enjoyed were simple balloon popping, tic tac toe, or archery relay racing! We’ve seen more and more families shed the trappings of the TV screen for some quality family time at the archery range.


Many studies have been conducted to look at how meditation may be helpful for a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure, certain psychological disorders, and pain. We have seen over the years an increase in issues such as depression and other psychological problems plaguing our children. Studies have shown the massive benefits that meditation can offer for everyone but especially for children.

In early Japan, the art of Kyudo was used as a form of meditation. While it was highly ritualized, you don’t need to be that specific to benefit from the meditative aspects of archery. When shooting an arrow, parents have described to us that their kids said it feels as if nothing mattered other than shooting that arrow. It doesn’t matter what someone said on Facebook about them. It doesn’t matter that they were upset at their sister an hour ago. The stress of that stinking algebra test doesn’t get to them. Their mind’s become quiet and they are in the moment. It is indeed a beautiful thing.


At Odinson Archery, hearing these things from parents really drives us to continue spreading our affordable archery gear all over the world. It is the reason that we made sure to offer ALL of our bows in light draw weights(45 and under means just that) so that ANY child could shoot one. Whether it was a 25# bow for a small child or a 40# bow for a teenager; Odinson Archery has always sought to make it a priority to invest in the next generation.

It’s time for you start doing the same.