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Odinson Archery Carbon Arrows


Without a doubt, the strongest and most durable arrows on the market today are carbon arrows. Light weight, fast and able to take a hit; carbon arrows are the best on the market right now for the modern archer. The only issue is that finding feather fletched arrows at a decent price is nearly impossible. This is mainly because each arrow usually needs to be custom made. Buying carbon arrows with plastic fletching just doesn’t cut it for a self or recurve style bow.

At Odinson Archery, we have remedied that issue with our Odinson Archery Carbon Arrows. These arrows come feather fletched with our classic “Red/Black” design and are ready for a variety of different weight bows. Our arrows are 28 inch in length for the modern archer looking for a solid arrow. One big advantage our arrows offer over most of the feathered arrows on the market is the wrap around the front of the feathers. This saves feather life when shooting and prevents an feather from sticking into the hand which is a common issue for self bow shooters.



Three Pack Carbon Arrows – $30 + SHIPPING

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Six Pack Carbon Arrows – $55 + SHIPPING

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No combative archer’s arsenal is complete without a set of ODINSON ARCHERY BODKIN ARROWS!

These arrows are the ARMOR PIERCING ROUNDS of the ancient world. Designed to break through armor plating of medieval knights, the bodkin tips were considered the most deadly arrows in the battlefield. With modern testing, Odinson Archery has also found that these bodkin arrows STILL easily pass through modern day Kevlar designed to stop rounds like a 12 gauge slug!

These bodkin arrowheads are fixed to our Odinson Archery Heavy Ramin Arrows. Feather fletched for high performance out of our Odinson Archery bows. We design our Bodkin Arrows to have a slight taper towards the end of the bodkin that enables stronger stability on impact. This also provides the specific weight desired for MAXIMUM PENETRATION. All wooden arrows are custom designed for indexing when grabbed at the nock. This allows for you to instantly line the nock with the string you may reload without looking at your arrow.

If you’re serious about taking your combative archery to the next level; the Odinson Archery Bodkin Arrows ARE FOR YOU!!! Get yours while supplies last!



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Odinson Archery Oak Arrows


Falling in line with our “Traditionals Series’, Odinson Archery is bringing to you our signature Oak Arrows. These style of arrows offer a heavier design that the classic cedar arrows but this is excellent for stiffer target shooting. This enables the shooter to use the same arrow in a variety of different draw weights. The lower cost alternative model of arrow offers the archer a much smoother grain with a gloss finish. All oak arrows are set to a standard 28 inch draw length unless otherwise stated.

These arrows weigh in at around 640 grains, have our cut self nock design, target tip, the Odinson Archery “Red/Black” feather fletching with sinew wrapping in the front and at the nock. This front wrap gives rotection for the hand of the shooter and allows for longer feather life. Many arrow manufacturers miss this crucial piece in the arrow making process.

Three Pack Oak Arrows – $28 + shipping

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Six Pack Oak Arrows – $48 + shipping

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