Odinson Archery Oak Arrows

Odinson Archery Oak Arrows



Falling in line with our “Traditionals Series’, Odinson Archery is bringing to you our signature Oak Arrows. These style of arrows offer a heavier design that the classic cedar arrows but this is excellent for stiffer target shooting. This enables the shooter to use the same arrow in a variety of different draw weights. The lower cost alternative model of arrow offers the archer a much smoother grain with a gloss finish.

These arrows weigh in at around 640 grains, have our cut self nock design, target tip, the Odinson Archery “Red/Black” feather fletching with sinew wrapping in the front and at the nock. This front wrap gives rotection for the hand of the shooter and allows for longer feather life. Many arrow manufacturers miss this crucial piece in the arrow making process.

Single Oak Arrow – $6

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Three Pack Oak Arrows – $20

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Six Pack Oak Arrows – $40

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