“Silent Assassin” Back Quiver



Here at Odinson Archery, we have sought to bring to you the finest in archery equipment on the market. There are several back quivers out there but several issues that have plagued the archer. The arrows tended to fall out of the quiver when bending over and the arrows rattle terribly when you’re trying to move or stalk.

Odinson Archery went into the history books and found the methods used by Native Americans for combat as well as for hunting. From these texts, we came up with our “Silent Assassin” back quiver. Made of a leather design wrapped around our hard shell lip at the top, our back quiver is the silent solution used by the masters of old.

Featuring an adjustable shoulder sling w/ an elastic design to hold the quiver in place. This strap can be mounted in multiple different positions depending on your preferred method of carry on the back. Whether you have a quiver full of arrows or just one, you arrows WILL NOT rattle or fall out when you move. The Silent Assassin Quiver can also be folded up for easy storage when finished using it. This makes for a very compact design.

This is perfect for the combative archer, the hunter or anyone else looking for THE best back quiver on the market today.


$50 + shipping

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