The Vent Straw

“There’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite beverage and also be armed” – Alan Odinson

Many years ago, I found myself having to work in places that were “less than savory” and concealing “safety tools” was a bit of an issue. This idea was spawned on a cruise my wife and I went on. When getting on and off the ship at port, you are scanned my metal detectors every single time. Many of these ports are HIGHLY sketchy areas so I needed something that had the ability to move undetected YET right in the open.

It was here that the Vent Straw was born.

This straw is made of stainless steel with a hypodermic style point at the end. This allows the tool to act as a “ventilator” by “emptying fluid from the meat container” should it ever find the need to be inserted. The Vent Straw is a “bendy” style straw which allows for a solid grip for insertion.


When not being used as a ventilator, it works as a simple stainless steel drinking straw. This means you can carry this right in the open in a drinking class or bottle without anyone being the wiser. This means it’s ALWAYS ready for action!

PRICE – $10 plus shipping

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