The Biggest Mistake Archers Make In Practice

“I practice multiple times a week and I’m STILL off target!”

” I just can’t seem to get decent groups consistently”

Throughout my 20 plus years of archery experience and training, I have noticed that there is one MAJOR flaw that most of archers have in common.

This one simple practice has caused more training scars for archers than ANY other practice out there. Each time I find myself at the range with my Assassin Bow , I see other archers doing it and training others to do it as well.

I’m willing to bet that you’ve done it too.

Almost ALL of you are practicing TOO FAR AWAY from the target.

“But Odinson, it’s a bow…’re supposed to shoot far away?”

Let me explain…

When it comes to truly mastering the bow, everything comes from your form and the ability to maintain that form throughout your training.

How many people do you see go to the range, stand at the 20 yard line and begin their practice there?

You’re that guy/gal aren’t you?

ALL TRAINING should begin and end with form work.

This is not done at the 20 yard line. Your form work should be done at the 5 yard line.

The goal isn’t about hitting bullseyes here. You should be focused on the process of making your shot.

How is your stance?

Are You Consistently Anchoring In the Same Spot?

Is Your Bow Arm Locking Down?

Are You Plucking The String?

How’s Your Follow Through?

Can You Close Your Eyes & Consistently Make That Shot?

Your goal is to FEEL the shot. This is the time to consciously take time to focus on every aspect of your shooting process. Don’t worry about bullseyes right now. Breathe, feel the shot and take an assessment of your process. Looks for consistencies in your shooting form and arrow performance.

The common thing I hear from beginning archers is that they don’t have enough room for archery training. At those beginning stages, MOST of your archery training should be done at very close ranges to perfect that form.

All you need is 5 yards.

This will build the foundation for consistent groups and a true instinctive shot.

This will also help eliminate common issues like target panic, plucking the string, Lockdown and inconsistent anchor.

Here’s my Personal Routine:

Warm Up (absolutely necessary for longevity)

Form Work (Close Range 5 Yards) – 10 to 15 minutes

Practice Whatever Technique Of The Day at Chosen Range (thumb draw, speed reloading, etc) – 30 minutes or more

Form Work (Light Training Bow 5 Yards) – 10 minutes

The light bow at the end gives my body also a chance to sort of “cool down” from my archery practice. That’s one of the great benefits of something like our Trainer Pack and having that extra lighter version training bow. As an older archer, I definitely appreciate the value in that.

Try this routine, stick with it and I’m willing to bet you’ll start seeing those groups tighten up and your accuracy improve.

— A Odinson

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