“Bjorn” Fiberglass Bow


Always looking to push the envelope in development and design, Odinson Archery sought out a means to provide an even more durable design that could accommodate longer draw length and draw weight. Our “Bjorn” fiberglass bow is created using a traditional composite style used by different Asiatic cultures to provide a more durable and powerful design.

This composite designed bow features wooden siyahs, a wooden riser along with fiberglass limbs. The riser features a leather wrapped grip and the limbs are wrapped as well. The string is handmade using a 16 strand Flemish twist to provide high performance speeds and is made from B50 Dacron.

The benefits to our new Fiberglass designs:

  • More Durable Design
  • Better Performance in Extreme Climates
  • Accommodate Longer Draw Lengths (30 inchs and beyond)
  • Full Sized “Long Bow” Design
  • Heavier Bows at Longer Lengths
  • Perfect for both beginning archers and hunters

Currently this model is only available in 45lbs at 28 inches and can reach 52lbs at 30 inches. Custom colors are available upon request or the bow will come with the color scheme represented in the picture.

These bows were HOT SELLERS at Blade Show 2019 this year! Some of the top craftsmen in the world couldn’t wait to get their order in on their Odinson Fiberglass bow. Now is your chance to find out why Odinson Archery has been taking the archery world by storm!

Whether you’re hunting for bullseyes at the range, stalking the forests to put a stag in the freezer for the winter or raining down arrows on your enemies from afar; this bow is FOR YOU!



GET THIS BOW  FOR $210 + shipping

45 lb Bjorn Bow (All Black)

35 lb Bjorn Bow (All Black)

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30 lb Bjorn Bow (All Black)

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