Odinson “Mjolnir”Walking Stick

“Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick; You Will Go Far”.

Anyone else have issues with their knees? Old injuries from jiujitsu or weight lifting that can nag you from time to time? As I approach my mid 40s, I find a great deal of use in having a good walking stick that I can take to town with me on those long walking days or on hikes into the mountains with the family.

However, if you’re like me, you want a multi functional walking stick. Sure, you need something that will hold you up and give you the support necessary but what about “other” uses?

What if I need a walking stick to protect myself?

Have you seen those videos of guys hammering away with supposed “fighting walking sticks” only to get KOed or thrown to the ground?


Look no further than the Odinson Mjolnir Walking Stick!

Our walking stick is designed light enough to carry anywhere but heavy in ALL the right places.

  • Customizable to whatever length you may need
  • Hickory Shaft w/ rubber end for gripping
  • Solid Steel ball, rounded to fit the hand comfortably that’s great for clobbering Orc
  • Thick yet light weight design for easy carrying throughout the day
  • Everything mechanically attached and triple hafted in place for solid stablility

Mjolnir Walking Stick – $120 +shipping

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