The Baby Faced Assassin




Here at Odinson Archery, we are constantly receiving requests from our customers for even lighter and more compact versions of our bows. With many hours of testing and research, we have taken our international best selling “Assassin” bow and shrunk it down to create an even MORE compact version. We have dubbed this bow the “Baby Faced Assassin”.

With an overall length near 40 inches strung, the Baby Faced Assassin can easily fit in most overhead compartments and bags. Do not let it’s short statue fool you! Through chronograph testing, we have clocked this little bow at speeds of 166 fps! Absolutely unheard of out of such a short bow! These bows are designed primarily for short draw work (26 inches and under) rather than a typical full draw of 28 inches or more.

For the first time, we are offering this bow in two different version. The “classic black” style of our normal Assassin bow with wrapped siyahs or our woodland style with fully tapered siyahs. Two choices for one amazing bow!

Get your Baby Faced Assassin from Odinson Archery NOW!!!


Baby Faced Assassin – 45# and Under (Black)

$60 + shipping

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Baby Faced Woodland Assassin – 45# and Under

$65 + shipping

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