Barnett Vortex Hunter Compound Bow


We received this Barnett Vortex Hunter compound bow into the shop as a trade in. The overall structure seemed pretty good but the bow needed the strings repaired. We took the strings and got a solid set of out traditional “red/black” string sets on the bow and added some string silencers to the bow. We also added a D Loop to the string for those who wish to use a release. However, this bow is also set up for shooting with fingers as well.

When this bow came in, it had a cheap rest that wasn’t good for either sighted or instinctive shooting. Since we specialize in shooting both ways, we selected THE best arrow rest for shooting in both manners. We added and tuned a QAD Ultra Drop Down Rest for this bow. This rest is tuned to drop down as the arrow is released. It allows for a smooth release and super accurate shooting. Usually the connections for these rests are cheap and come loose so we actually modified the connectors to lock this rest unto the string for a perfect tune.

The Barnett Vortex Hunter Specs:

  • Aluminum riser for strength and accuracy
  • Draw weight is adjustable between 45 and 60 pounds
  • Draw length is adjustable between 26 and 30 inches
  • 60 to 70% let off
  • High-definition camo finish provides concealment
  • 1-inch increments without a bow press
  • Meets ATA/AMO standards
  • Right Handed Only

This is a perfect bow for both adults and older youths looking to get into compound shooting. Whether it’s sighted shooting you prefer or instinctive, this bow is perfect for you.

This bow regularly goes for around $100 for the bow itself and the QAD Drop Down Rest typically runs about $50 for the rest along. We have repaired, tuned and added many different additions to put this bow back into NEAR PERFECT condition.

We’re gonna let this one go at a steal for our Black Friday Deal!

SALE PRICE – $120 plus shipping

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